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Please use AP style title case. Acronyms should be all uppercase. Code elements such as keywords, function names, etc should be as would be written in code. Subtitles should be set off with colons, not dashes, using a space after, but not before the colon. See Boost library naming rules.
For example, "My Adventures With Boost.Asio: return to Sender"

Please include a comma separated list of at least three tags for the session. Use lower case except for proper nouns and acronyms. Strive for the general, not the specific:"testing," rather than "unit tests." Spell out acronyms unless they are more likely to be understood as acronyms: "artificial intelligence" rather than "AI" and "GUI" rather than "graphical user interface."
For example, "games,performance,cross platform,I/O,C compatibility,HTML"
For additional information, see our tagging guide.

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Try to answer the reader's questions, Why is this important to me? and What will I learn?

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If you’ve presented this talk before, please tell us where and when.
We do accept submissions of sessions presented at other conferences.
Repeats of sessions from a previous CppCon are accepted, but, because sessions are recorded, the bar for repeats is higher than for new sessions.
Repeats of successful workshops are always welcome.

Please include the URL of a video of you giving a technical presentation (as similar as possible to your proposal).
We do accept submissions from first time presenters, so this is optional, but if you have a recording of yourself presenting, it helps the PC evaluate your presentation abilities.
You may use a video that you've made and posted yourself. If no such video exists, consider a link to a slide deck that you've created.
Feel free to add any comments you feel necessary about this material.

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